Breaking Free

I was at Unity Center in Portland on New Year’s Eve – The last day of 2017.  These two weeks I have been visiting my sister Trina and her family has been such a blessing, and stepping into the Unity Center here I immediately felt the warmth, beauty, inspiration, and safety that I’ve always felt at the Unity Center back in Columbia Missouri.  I jotted down some notes that the speaker was sharing, and I’ll record them here, for you to see if you’re interested…and for my own future reference.

Moving into this new year, I am being asked to expand.  Do I believe that real change is possible?  This year is about breaking free of the prison of my old programming, my beliefs, my limitations.  I am being supported in living as if the chains that have held me are breaking and falling away.
I am so much larger than my doubts and fears.
There is so much more for me to do.
I am at the very brink of finding a larger picture of myself and my world.
What would I like to feel in 2018?
Here I am.  Move through me, Spirit.

Since that service on Sunday, I have been writing short paragraphs in my journal that begin like this:  I am thinking about how it will feel when/to…..

And each paragraph gives a sweet, detailed snapshot into an aspect of my new life.  Spend some time doing this.  Take time to savor and review and revise your writings for the next week or so, noticing how it feels when you imagine your new, desired life.

Give it a try!  Take a chance; get clear on what you want more of and ask for it!

I am thinking about how it will feel when/to…..


3 thoughts on “Breaking Free”

  1. <3 so good to have you with us Toni. You are a pure blessing.

  2. Elizabeth Hoyos says:

    Hi Toni,
    Very nice of you to share this.
    For the first time I did not make any end/beginning of the year resolutions. Many things have changed in my life and I think I need a serious time with my self and maybe with a friend like you to examine the changes, reflect and find my north and keep walking my path.
    Love you Toni. Best to you and yourfamily this 2018!

    1. Toni Rahman says:

      You will find your north, Elizabeth. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and share with a trusted friend when you need a little support or a clear reflection. Abrazos, Toni

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