Self Abuse & The Inner Drama Triangle – Option 1: Course

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3 reviews for Self Abuse & The Inner Drama Triangle – Option 1: Course

  1. Jenny Bennett

    Very helpful and informative course that really puts a name to the monster we deal with. Toni is compassionate, kind, and understanding as well.

  2. Julie Peterson

    Toni is magical. Her ability to draw the real picture of what is going on into manageable concepts is unmatched. She is able to weave connection in an area that otherwise feels isolating and painfully unique. Toni’s approach is compassionate, calm and freeing.

  3. Stephanie Brooks

    I experienced multiple “aha” moments while taking this course. I’ve never analyzed why I get overwhelmed by a project, or to-do list, and have the hardest time trying to decide what to do next, or getting up the steam to tackle any part of the situation. Discovering the option of asking what “I” would really like to do instead, and even giving myself permission to do it – this is something I’ve never permitted my inner self. I also heavily resonated with the information on making mistakes and how easy it is to become trapped by fears of embarrassment – a huge limitation on my possibilities.

    Toni emphasizes the need for us to be in touch with our bodies. I realized in my life that my brain has commanded my body to follow prescribed courses of action, often completely disregarding my body’s discomfort. I’m now learning that paying attention to my body first is the key to breaking down fears and historic resistance to new adventures.

    Taking this course has helped me reframe my past, but more importantly for me now, helps move me forward to challenge limitations and rethink how I live my life. Thanks for the nudges to recreate my life into something more invigorating.

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