Other Resources


GreenMedInfo.com – This is a database where you can go to find peer-reviewed scientific research on alternative health.  Type in any issue you are interested in (i.e., sugar and depression, heavy metal toxicity and anxiety, etc.)

PubMed.com – This is a database where you can go to find peer-reviewed scientific research on medical issues.

Tracy Barnett – Tracy is an activist, environmental journalist and an advocate for those who are being most impacted by environmental devastation caused by unhealthy patterns of human consumption, which I believe to be a symptom of intergenerational trauma.  She is also my sister.

Tami Brunk – Tami is a shamanic astrologer and a wise and gifted liaison between the rational mind and the deep, vast subterranean stores of knowledge that is our collective subconscious.   She is also my sister.

Trina Brunk – Among so many other things, Trina is a professional hypnotherapist.  She is a conscious parent, a musician, a writer and an artist.  She has been a gifted healer and maybe the most loving, integrated, responsibly authentic person I know.  I am so lucky to claim her, also, as my sister.

Janel Mirendah – Janel is a baby whisperer.  She gives us a different perspective about the earliest months and years of life, even prior to birth, and educates about consciousness from the perspective of living beings during the stage of life that is often overlooked, prior to language and rational thought.  She is also a therapist trained in CranioSacral Therapy, as well as an artist and author.  Check out her coloring book for calming the chaos of PTSD.

Xica Media – Iris is a musical artist, danzante (Danza Mexica), digital strategist, network & multimedia producer, author, and artivist poet from San Antonio, Texas.

Barry & Janae Weinhold – Barry and Janae are educators in the field of early relational trauma.  They are psychologists, authors, world travelers and true role models for how to be loving, conscious and compassionate beings on the earth.

What I’ve Been Reading – You can take a look at the books I’ve been reading and browse through some of my favorite parts.

Favorite Book of All: You’re Never Too Big to Hold

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