I’m Not Settling

Today I am applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to Bangladesh.  The deadline is August 1, so wish me luck.  This would be for 2014.  The Bangladeshi woman/university professor I met in DC said she’d write me a letter of invitation, so I’m using the Spanish school here for a nice place to sit and a cup of tea to explore the application process.  Wish me luck!
Also, I think I will probably be moving from the host family setting to a hostel or some other living arrangement.  Living with a family is not as easy as it sounded at first.  I just want a kitchen and a bed, so I can take care of my needs simply.  It may be a little more expensive, but I think worth it.
This morning, I got up before 5:00 am, had some pretty gross watermelon, let myself out of the house before 6:00 am, walked to the school, which was, of course, closed, so I sat in the park and wrote my letter of intention for Fulbright, reviewed my Spanish lessons, and then walked around the block.  I found the door to the huge cathedral open, and went in for mass before 7:00, passed some time until McDonalds opened, and then had some Guatemala-style breakfast.  Not bad!  Walked around the huge building that houses the school, and found the gate unlocked, came into the breezeway, but the school was still not open so I typed my letter of intention and by the time I was done, the school was open and I came up, and here I am.
I hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you are.  It’s actually winter here in Guatemala, but winter just means it rains a lot.  It’s tropical here, so the days are in the 70’s and the nights get down into the 60’s.  Thanks for being there, and for being plugged in.

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