• I open to growth that involves connecting and communicating with others safely and deliciously.  I open to the pleasure and rewards that such connecting and communicating brings. It is commanded that I experience connection in healthy and appropriate and deeply satisfying measure.  I sense and receive pleasure in these interactions to the degree that feels safe and comfortable to me.  I remain connected with the knowing that I get to pace myself, check in, excuse myself, and process when I need to; that I need not tolerate anything that is in excess of what I want to feel, or experience or what is right for me.

    It is commanded that I have deeply satisfying friendships with people who are my equals, people who blow my mind, people I admire and respect, people who are available to and want to spend time with me.  I am so grateful to all my guides and angels in their constant assistance to me here.  It is commanded that any unhealthy old patterns are released.  It is commanded that I remain always connected with my heart.  Love is all there is.


  • People who have time for me (on their hands) are probably losers.Double Bind: While I can only feel safe with losers, I judge myself harshly for selling myself short when I pick losers.

    Worthwhile (respectable) people are always in a rush, have mountains of things calling for their attention, and have very little time for connecting with me.

    People who I respect are so busy they wouldn’t have time for me.

    My needs are formidable – they are probably going to take up more time than you (someone worthy) are comfortable with. 

    I now release these unhealthy beliefs.

    There is plenty of time.  I have time to do what is important to me.  The people I draw into my life have time to do the things that are important to them.

    I am a worthwhile person, and I have time to do the things that I want to do, things I enjoy doing, things that are important to me.  I choose to orchestrate my life in this way, and I am good and worthwhile.

    I feel safe with great, amazing and worthwhile people.  I feel safe with people who nourish my soul, who are right for me to connect with.

    People who have mountains of things calling for their attention may be hiding behind those mountains, afraid of connecting, they may be addicted to motion, to activity, to doing to affirm their worth.

    My needs are normal and are in no way threatening, shameful or inappropriate.  I know what I need to do to meet my needs, and I take steps to do so.  Spirit supports me.

    I am a powerful, magnificent person and I choose to have time in my life for noodling, for flow, for connecting.  My life and my schedule are flexible to a great extent.  I have as much time as I need.  I have time to do the things that are important to me, and I need not hide behind work from intimacy.  I need not use work to affirm my worth, or give structure to my life.

    I know what it feels like to be in charge of my sexual energy.  I know what it feels like to use this energy for my own pleasure and divine purpose.  It is commanded that I easily use this energy as a felt sense to help guide me toward my greatest desires, and connect me with my passion for life.   I know what it feels like to be worthy of enjoying my sexual energy, experiencing it fully, in all its nuance and mystery.  I know what it feels like to be and remain connected to my Divine Self.  It is commanded that I know what it feels like to connect in heart-centered ways with others in correct balance with connecting only with myself and solitude.  My sexual energy is not something I only get to experience when I am sharing it with someone else…or when I am involved with someone else.

    The love affair I am having is forever, with myself.  Through this love affair, I learn, at a pace that is just right, what it is like to experience my full power in all areas of my life.

    My beloved is with me, wherever I go.

    In the past, when I become sexually involved with another person, I have failed to show up fully as my whole self, and as a result, I eventually shut down compassion, patience, and the ability to value the other. I release this pattern.  I have compassion, patience and the ability to value my own experience, no matter what the circumstances.  I have compassion, patience and the ability to value the experience of the other, no matter what the circumstances. I have compassion, patience and the ability to value the experience of my body, no matter what the circumstances.

    People (myself included) deserve respect and kindness.  We are all connected, always.  My actions matter.  People can be hurt by me.  I am open to acknowledging and learning about my needs so that they can be consciously felt and this information used, instead of relying on others to recognize and meet my needs. I release resentment toward anyone and everyone who did not give me what I wanted or needed, past, present, and future.  I acknowledge my needs, and know that I am healed.  I cherish and adore my vulnerable feelings, and realize that the feelings from the past are valuable resources for me.  I release any debt.  I am free.

    The degree to which past lovers have become repulsive is the degree to which I have something unacceptable and repressed that I cannot accept about myself (an area that needs to be explored, acknowledged, and healed).

    (In my case here, a needy, desperately isolated and touch-starved little one, dependent on others for everything in a world that is unfamiliar, sometimes terrifying and not ever really safe.)  Healed, this is one who is fully supported, connected with her divinity, able to receive the pleasure of human touch (with the result of calming the body, creating closeness, and generating feelings of safety, playfulness and warmth) from known, trusted, desired others, in delightful and precious and playful ways and only in the right ways.  She is one who can communicate easily and be readily heard by the people she draws into her life.  She also listens with pleasure and easily understands the clear and communicated needs and desires of those she connects with.  She is one who chooses to be with others who are trustworthy, attuned, connected with themselves, and living in their power and divinity. 

    Knowing that the combination of our energies, no matter how brief or lasting is a sacred thing, and treating it that way.  She stays in her heart at all times with regard to herself and the other.

    Knowing that there will be triggers and times when things get off-balance and confusing.  When they do, using her tools to reconnect with herself, staying committed to her responsibility to study her Divine Self, which she is bringing to this relating with the other.  Her whole self, with her divinity, her potential, her desires and needs.  Committed to remaining curious and open to knowing herself better so that she is always communicating with others from a place of respect and caring.



     What I wanted to see about myself was that there are still pockets of not good enough hiding in there.  Still pockets of not living in my divine potential, not connected with the greatness, richness, abundance and aliveness that I am committed to experiencing in this lifetime.

    I AM One who explores relationship with the Divine.

    I AM The One who becomes who she is looking for.

    I am ready to explore a version of creativity that includes movement and connection with others.

     I AM my Beloved.  AND I increase my ability every day to enjoy the company and comfort and pleasure of knowing and connecting with others.

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  1. What a stunning list of affirmations. Thank you so much for publishing this online!

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