Transform Your Life With Affirmations

Sometimes it happens

that a woman

upon realizing how splendid she is in every way

goes about setting up her life

so that it is just right in every way.

But there’s a catch.  That woman can’t rely on anyone but herself to decide what “just right” is.  And in my experience, women would rather do just about anything than spend time thinking about what they want, what they like, and who they really are.  I mean what they REALLY like, what they really want, and who they really are.  Tell me if I’m off track here.  Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools I use to help me take responsibility for what I want, what I need, and what I like.  They are simply tools.  And they’ve always been there for me.

Here’s how they work.  I use language to tell the story.  I let myself gripe, complain, be preposterous, pettty, and even mean.  I do this on paper, so that my loved ones don’t have to listen.  Then when I go back and read what I’ve written, I notice the feelings.  Tapping into the various parts of myself, I become as sensitive as I can to any detectible emotions.  Then I study and feel them.  I accept and notice them without any judgment.  Next, I build an affirmation set that reminds me what I know in my most whole and adult self.  I don’t tell myself things that aren’t true.  Instead, I end up finding just the right words to nurture and care for myself.  In this way, I claim goodness for myself.  When I encounter something that doesn’t feel like the goodness I choose, I can make choices, use skills, and take small steps or big steps toward having what I desire for myself.

Feel free to take a look at some of my affirmations.  And by all means, try this for yourself.  It can really help!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Toni! I agree, affirmations are very powerful.

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