Upcoming Constellation

Hello ShaDonna,

Headcount/Registrants: Wanting to check in to make sure I have an accurate count of people attending our circle, and to help make sure the circle goes smoothly and well on Friday.  Yes, THIS Friday!  I am beyond excited.  My list says we have 14 participants signed up, and so that is magnificent.  If you are getting this e-mail from me, it means that you currently have a place in the circle. 

Cancellation/Wellness, etc: Sometimes it happens on the day of the event that people discover that they are either starting to get sick or something else unforeseen crops up.  This is inevitable, so just know that if this happens, we will still have an adequate number to do the group.  If you are feeling off, if you have some concern that you aren’t completely well, please consider the others in the group who may be immuno-compromised and simply let me know that you will need to drop out.  We will have more groups, so don’t worry.  There will be another chance!!  And I have you on the list of people who will be notified when I announce any new groups in the Jefferson County area.

There are no mistakes: A dear friend of mine led a circle yesterday in which I had my constellation done, and we were only 6.  It was uncomfortably tight to do the constellation with such a small circle, but still it was an extremely rich and meaningful experience for all of us.  It confirms my belief that this is such a robust phenomenon that we are working with, and there are no mistakes.  It will be amazing, and I’m so glad that each and every one of you is along for this ride (which may include a last minute cancellation – but I hope not!).

Feelings/Boundaries, etc: The circle itself will begin at 6:00 and end at 9:00.  I like for people to begin arriving at about 5:45.  Unless you and Tonya C have a plan ahead of this time, please plan to arrive at 5:45.  The circle itself is a sacred space so I will ask that you keep chit-chat in the circle to an absolute minimum.  Also, there may be moments of silence that feel awkward to you.  That’s okay.  Notice the feeling.  Breathe.  You are about to learn something new about embodied feelings, and that is a good thing.   We will have a chance to talk about it and everyone will have a chance to be heard.

Parking: There is a circle drive, and also a little parking area to the right when you pull in.  These may be full when you arrive.  It will be interesting to see how we work together to find parking places for everyone.  Just know that there is room for everyone, and you may get parked in.  We will just have to be patient with one another!

Relax:  Nobody is expected to know anything, to be an expert at Family Constellations or even to feel comfortable showing up in a group setting where there are people and dynamics you are unfamiliar with.  It’s okay to feel a little nervous.  It will feel better, as we begin to go around the circle, as you begin to see that the strangers in the circle are just people too.  So relax.  We will start and finish slow.  I will give instructions.  We will connect as a group.  We will take our time.  I may or may not have an experienced friend or family member with me to help out.  We will have what we need, and Divine Energy (whatever name you have for it) will be working for the good of all of us, and our lineages.

If you would like to have your constellation done:  Thank you once again for your willingness to try out this new thing.  My objective is to provide the opportunity for Tonya C to have her constellation done, but we may have room for another constellation as well.  If you think you may be interested in offering your story (and your self) in this way, please contact me by replying to this message.  (It will only come to me.)  We can talk about it prior to the circle so the process can be streamlined a bit.

Just Ask: Again, please ask questions if you have them.  There are no silly questions.  I will bring name badges so we can wear our names, which will make it easier for me and other people to remember your name.  Just so you can get an idea what the list looks like, I’m including in a separate message.

❤️ Toni

Toni Rahman, LCSW,  Mentor, Trauma Specialist, EMDR Consultant

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