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Movements of the Soul: Studies in Energy, Lineage & Embodiment

Offered in the spirit of an immersive/retreat experience, Movements of the Soul evokes the mystery of the shadow work associated with psychedelics and holotropic breathwork.  Both exotic and essential, you are immersed in something very different from talk therapy—even EMDR.  Participants might experience shifts in a weekend that they were never able to achieve in a month of weekly one-hour sessions.    See the pricing and scholarship options in the link below.

Prior to enrollment, you receive an optional interview regarding your family history and special family circumstances that could make the experience even more impactful for you. With registration in any module, you receive 18 hours of immersive experience, light snacks and water. Bring lunch or otherwise plan to take care of any additional food needs. Module 1 includes Medicine Wheel and stones for ritual practice.

Follow this link for pricing, special rates and payment details.

In the event that enrollment is not adequate to make the workshop module viable, a full refund will be made to enrollees.  Enrollment cut-off dates (below) will be used, and if the event is cancelled, enrollees will be notified on the day following the cut-off date.  Refunds will be processed within 10 calendar days following cut-off date.

Module 1: Scheduled for Friday Sept 6-Sunday Sept 8 (Cut-off: Aug 27)

Module 2: Scheduled for Friday Oct 4-Sunday Oct 6 (Cut-off:  Sept 24)

Module 3: Scheduled for Friday Nov 15-Sunday Nov 17 (Cut-off: Nov 5)