Self Abuse & The Inner Drama Triangle

Trauma therapist and author Toni Rahman has created this six-week online course to help childhood trauma survivors identify and overcome disturbing automatic responses to life by developing a set of warm and wise internal parents that they truly deserved all along.

About Self Abuse & The Inner Drama Triangle (SA/IDT)

This course provides:

  • Direction and insight into how and why emotional flashbacks occur, and
  • A framework for resolving early painful memories and tapping into one’s deepest potential.

SA/IDT will help you identify emotional flashbacks and regressed emotional states and assist you to internalize the supportive parenting (masculine and feminine) you didn’t get as a child.

Toni gives distinctive voices to Coach (Inner Feminine) and Challenger (Inner Masculine) – providing you with tools and tasks rooted in current attachment and neuroscience research.  Through this approach you are granted direct access to your essential inner child, or your Inner Creator.

The course will give you skills that help you avert deeply entrenched response patterns, allowing you to connect with your own wise inner authority.

Alternative: Self Abuse & The Inner Drama Triangle Workbook

If you like the idea, but aren’t into spending so much time on the computer, you can now purchase a paperback copy of its content on

The 190-page workbook outlines SA/IDT’s foundation for understanding and eliminating inner abuse, and can be a great alternative to the online course.

Are you ready to commit to learning to parent yourself well?  Start reading now.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 weeks

Course Instructor

Toni Rahman Toni Rahman Author

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