Pop-Up Clinic – Guadalajara

Pop-Up Clinic

A Center for Integrative Healing

Mission: To celebrate life and bring forth abundance through connecting real gifts with real needs.


To create a model for helping underserved people (all of us).


Vision: We envision communities where anyone can access the highest quality holistic care.

What We Do

  • We offer services in collaboration with other healers and seekers of healing in a unified field.
  • We work on a donation basis.
  • We are interested in practicing leadership through service.
  • We educate the community and each other about what we have to offer through our respective modalities.
  • We are committed to learning about other healing modalities that are being offered in our communities.
  • We are committed to connecting meaningfully with other healers in our communities.
  • We give and receive referrals for paid, non-Pop-Up-Clinic work between Clinics, as appropriate, and according to the needs of care seekers.


  • To meet the needs of seekers of healing.
  • To deliver the highest quality of care.
  • To serve as part of a cohesive team.
  • To work collaboratively as a way to create a world we want to live in.
  • To enhance personal and professional knowledge.
  • To heal and grow personally and professionally.
  • To foster powerful connections and improve the lives of others.
  • To create environments where being our authentic selves is safe and encouraged.
  • To be part of something that is:
    • Worthwhile
    • Vibrant/Alive
    • Unique
    • Powerfully Magic

Target Population (We/Us)  Social Workers, Healers, Parents, Dulas/Parteras, Educators, Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Mentors, Drug Rehab Counselors, Sustainability Coaches, Activists, Parent Educators, Trauma-Educators, Students, Police Officers, Case Workers, Domestic Violence Center Staff, Nurses, Medical Staff, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Supervisors, Massage Therapists, Physical & Occupational Therapists, The Public

Specialties (By Service Provider*)

Pop-Up Clinic – Guadalajara

  • Yoli Terrazas (Gestalt/Attachment)
  • Norma Escalante (Childbirth, Family Issues, Women’s Circles)
  • Rosaio Villarreal (Psychotherapy/CST)
  • Francesca Lama (Dula, Partera)
  • Dr. Gabriel (Acupuncture, Homeopathic Medicine, Herbs, Holistic Medicine)
  • Claudia Carrillo (EMDR, Gestalt)
  • Rocio Casillas Fuentes (Child Psychologist/Attachment)
  • Sergio Ornelas Ornelas (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Jacobo Marroquin (Kinesiology)
  • Lourdes Ibarra Wong (Psychotherapist/Family Constellations)
  • Gabi Stump (Physical Therapy/CranioSacral Therapy)
  • Jessica Mancilla (Biomagnetism)
  • Tania Arana Zuñiga (Reiki/Family Constellations)
  • Estrella Technicolour (Nutrition)
  • Freddy Olguín Rodríguez (Legal)

By Invitation

  • Leonardo Capponi (Anabra – Plant Medicine)
  • Trina Brunk (SoulPath, Kirtan)
  • Tami Brunk (Shamanic Astrology, Dream Circles)

* Service provider list evolves according to recommendations (these are Toni’s).  Potential providers complete an application process that is overseen by a core group of member providers (a minimum of 3).

How It Works

Experienced providers are invited by other staff, but are screened through a brief interview process.

Monthly clinics are publicized through invitation to the public to receive affordable, high quality holistic, alternative care.

Clinic pops up where there is a safe, pleasing and viable location (venues are not necessarily fixed).

Clinic is publicized and promoted by all and any means available, especially by providers from all clinic areas.

Clinic staff and venue host determine a capacity cap and care seekers are first come first served.

Clinic functions for a single 4-6-hour period one day per month.  Care seekers are asked to stay for the entire 4-6-hour period.

Clinic is staffed by the volunteers serving that day (This staff determines ahead of time the timing of the clinic).

All care seekers and all staff begin “treatment” in a circle, with staff introducing themselves as individuals, care seekers and staff sharing their respective goals for the day, and staff introducing their respective modalities.

Care seekers are matched with healers happens intuitively, based on synchronicity, number of attendees, and apparent best matches between caregivers and care-seekers.

Treatment follows, in 1-1 sessions or small groups.  Treatment may take place in combinations or as a series of treatments, as appropriate.

If no care-seekers show up, therapists exchange services with one another.

Clinic ends with a circle, where each participant shares thoughts about his or her respective experience.

Care seekers receive services without any obligation to pay.  Donations are happily and gratefully received.

Venue is paid (up to a reasonable, agreed-upon amount) through donations.  Surplus donations are divided equally between all volunteers who show up for Clinic that day.


  • All Staff
  • Care Seekers who have received care (elective)

Possible Venues

  • Alma Estrada (Plaza del Sol)
  • Jessica Mancilla (Avenida Artesanos & Calzada Juan Pablo II)
  • Casa Lahak (el Centro)
  • Casa Caracol (el Centro)
  • Casa Aramara (el Centro)