Package List

Parent Coaching


1.       One weekly 60-minute session for planning strategies for parenting, learning and role-playing techniques and skills

2.       One weekly 60-90-minute session for addressing early relational trauma resulting from parent’s childhood, or other intergenerational sources including optional EMDR

3.       On-going consulting and coaching in developing and refining specific behavior change tools that fit your family.

4.       Development of Inner Resources

5.       Weekly personalized affirmations

6.       E-mail pre- and post-session discussion as needed


1 month – US $1,500

2 months – US $2,800

3 months – US $3,900

Depending on the complexity of your family situation, two or more months may be recommended in order to achieve an optimum degree of resolution.



Feel it and heal it.


1.       Two weekly 60-minute sessions for 2 months (optional EMDR therapy to assist recall and resolve possible trauma).

2.       Ghost writing as necessary or desired

3.       Publication through Open Sesame Publishing

  • Cover Design
  • Editing/Proofing

4.       Five complementary copies of your very own book

5.       Coaching on developing a launch team for your book launch


2 months of 2X weekly sessions – US $3,000

One time publishing fee – US $1,500

Total Price: $4,500


Embodiment Package


1.       Weekly 60-90 minute consult including optional EMDR

2.       E-mail pre- and post-session coaching as needed

3.       Weekly personalized affirmations

4.       Personalized grounding exercises


1 month – US $1,500

2 months – US $2,800

3 months – US $3,900


Holistic Nutrition Package

Heal your relationship with food. 


1.       Weekly 90-minute consult (optional EMDR)

2.       Weekly personalized affirmations

3.       Learn to listen to what your body needs

4.       Hear your body’s story

5.       Adapt your diet according to your real needs

This 4-month program includes 2-week personal consult (hands-on coaching in Guadalajara, Mexico which includes 4 CranioSacral sessions, daily tai chi, menu and recipe development, and food lab.  All food and lodging included).*

4 months – US $3,300

*Airfare to Guadalajara not included.  Add US $1,000 and I will come to your area for 2-week personal consult.


Triumph Over Childhood Sexual Abuse

PACKAGE INCLUDES: e-mail pre- and post-session discussion as needed

1.       Development of Inner Resources

2.       Free 30-minute initial no-risk introductory session

3.       Weekly 60-90 minute EMDR sessions

Permanently re-write the script of your triumphant life.


1 month – US $1,000

2 months – US $1,900

3 months – US $2,800

Depending on the complexity of your childhood situation, two or more months may be recommended in order to achieve an optimum degree of resolution.


Self Hypnosis Package


1.       Ongoing Goals Clarification

2.       Weekly, one 60-90 minute session

3.       Development of personalized deep relaxation script with embedded suggestions

  • Written
  • Recorded

4.       Identification and elimination (transformation) of blocks and barriers to change

1 month – US $1,200

2 months – US $2,300

3 months – US $3,200

Whether you choose the 1-month, the 2-month or the 3-month option, this package includes weekly sessions that may include any of the following, as appropriate: empathic listening and attunement, EMDR, resource development, ongoing clarification of goals, and real-time guided meditation.  Information that has been collected by the end of the contract period will be used to create your personalized self-hypnosis relaxation script.  One make-up session is allowed, and can be used following the contract period if desired.  Rescheduling is allowable if 24-hour notice is given, as time permits.  Please allow two weeks for the written/recorded script.