Package Details

I stand by my belief that your “highest self” is your best therapist.  She/He is capable, knowledgeable, and the expert on you, she/he/they really does/do want what is good for you, and you are both doing a tremendous amount of work (the hardest part) without my help or interference.  I am here to hold the container, to steady you when you aren’t able to connect with your “highest self,” to poke at places you haven’t been telling me about, to invite you for a meeting when you are able and to be paying attention, always.

Packages offer a “level up” from individual sessions.  Besides the cost savings, this option offers a sense of uninterrupted connection, which is often the keystone to treating early relational trauma.

Advantages of Committing to Therapy on a Monthly Basis
  • Recommitting to working together each month helps you feel connected, seen and held in unconditional love, which is an important need for all of your inner children.
  • Having a steady month of service offers an uninterrupted invitation for you to request a session on short notice, drop a night rant or vent without fear of being judged, preached at, or told what to do.

All this is provided without guilt if you cannot follow through with an appointment or if things are actually going okay and our meetings go on the back burner.