Toni Rahman, LCSW received her bachelor’s in biopsychology at Southeast Missouri State University and her Master’s in Social Work at University of Missouri—Columbia.  Toni arrived at her chosen profession after a coming-of-age experience that involved five years in Bangladesh, after which she returned to Missouri to acquire credentials required to be a master’s level counselor.  Her passions include Eastern and indigenous healing practices, psychology, spirituality and gender issues, as well as issues of social and economic justice. She is passionate about exploring ways to support others in making profound shifts in their life experience.  She is trained in EMDR, CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release, Chinese Five Element Theory, Dream Interpretation, Quantum Touch, and Energy Balancing.

From 2007-2013, Toni built a private practice as a counselor, teacher and mentor in Columbia, MO, working primarily with survivors of trauma and early childhood neglect and abuse. She is now on semi-sabbatical, living in Guadalajara, Mexico, working toward credentials to teach trauma-informed care and conduct EMDR in Spanish.

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  1. I am quite impressed by your site and the information within. Though I have only perused through, a brief surface scan of titles, outline, key words — I believe answers lie within. Perhaps and hopefully the answers to the questions that ramble and for brief moments consume me. Much of which I have experienced myself, studied in college and taught in school to students. Yet, I still need to seek knowledge and reassurances to know that it is ‘okay’ to be me and I am limited in what I can do for grown children and pray for the best as they live for their own lives. I look forward to reading in depth the information provided on your site. Thank you.

  2. Have you stopped providing the course Boundaries 101: Learning to Recognize, Honor & Communicate Your Personal Limits? If so, how should the corresponding book be used without the course, if possible?

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest in Boundaries 101. My ideas about boundaries continue to evolve. Right now, my work has shifted to include more detail about bonding and healthy secure attachment in relationship. But the Boundaries material is still available. The book is a fine stand-alone resource. It is written in a very accessible voice, and cites ideas from many authors from different disciplines, from “controlling people” to “disarming the narcissist” to “addictive behaviors.” If there is interest in a Boundaries 101 class, I am available to teach it, but I like to have 8-12 people to give the class, which is a 5-week proposition.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Dear Ms. Rahman: Thank you so much for your prompt response! I’m wondering if the book has around 35 something pages (amazon preview) or 108 pages (Amazon product description)? In addition, does the Boundaries 101 book cover all the items in the course outline? Also, I’m wondering if the book covers how to “get over” the view of world as an unsafe place (subconsciously or consciously), develop sense of security, and how to get emotional needs met? Finally, is there a book that goes with how to develop bonding and healthy secure attachment as well?
        Sorry for all the questions and thank you again for all your help! Sincerely, C. P.S. I wouldn’t mind if you emailed instead of a public posting~ Thank you again!!

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